DFL Candlestick Park 2019

The DFL (Dead Fucking Last) bandit CX races are what I love about being in San Francisco. I don’t know anywhere else that has an annual cross dressing cross race series that has lasted for 25 years. It’s all because every year a bunch of (mostly) dads rally together, plot a course, put some flour in the dirt, put on a dress, and casually race in a field that may or may not be filled with broken glass and loose wire. This race in particular was special because it was my first time back on a bike since getting returning from Japan for Tracklocross Worlds. I usually ride my CX bike to these races, but was so used to riding my work frame to everything that I decided to bring that out instead. As expected, it was loads of fun – lots of tight, windy, fast turns that are perfect for being fixed. Ultimately, it’s always  a great time because DFL is essentially a lighthearted, very semi-serious environment that is welcoming to all ages of folks who want to enjoy what I think is the best part about cyclocross: the community and shredding in some dirt.


MASH2739Resistance Racing gathered up the crew and headed to the Port of Oakland for stop three of their Track-X series. Racers met on a warm Sunday afternoon, ate tacos, enjoyed a coffee or beer, registered, and lined up to race mostly brakeless track bikes in the sandy landfill that is the port. Enclosed are some photo details for the day. MASH2592Massive cargo ships unload fidget spinners and whatever else as a backdrop for some bike racing.MASH2602Tacos and coffee reg was so nice. Thank you!MASH268553 for the dirtMASH2684MASH2625MASH2611UCI testing some road disc options for the 2018 road seasonMASH2681Quick negotiation MASH2765MASH2770MASH2850GO!MASH2785stopMASH2691GO!MASH3180MASH2953Jeff made a good showing having not been on a track bike in the dirt maybe ever.MASH2975Chas so was hungry to get out front eary and hold it. He won, and is in the lead for the series.MASH2804MASH3023MASH2950MASH2903Kel is a beast. He chased Chas on this day, but there is always tomorrow. 2nd for the day.MASH2884MASH3066MASH3093Drez was the only kid out there, and did the entire race. You inspire us!MASH3310MASH3364Wild lifeMASH3140Hand up recipient MASH304340 minutes of brakeless ripping in the loose sand and dirtMASH32433MASH3233Ferda BoysMASH3227Nick and Jean counted laps, and placed the podiumMASH3241MASH3333PodiumMASH3342Wet PodiumMASH3381Rolling cargo keg stands. Why notMASH3383Thanks for organizing, and look for Golden Gate Park next!



2017 brings new collaborations with local bag maker Boreas. We have 3 new designs, including updated features on the 50L race day bag. This bag has proven itself over the past four years, quickly becoming the go to travel bag for the team. This season we added a roll-out changing matte to the shape. The coated nylon matte is connected inside a sealed pouch inside the bag, and offers a clean dry place for your feet as you change clothes. The race day bag, and 2 additional designs are available in our shop, and at on our site today.


As we launch into 2017, let’s do it with the energy and control of Matt Reyes. Matt is a Bay Area icon. As a local, you will see him lane split you in the car while manualing down Oak, or some other risky/fun line while commuting through San Francisco. Matt has released endless edits over the years, and Martin and I knew we could make something special together. This part was shot over 2 sessions. Albatross bars day, and rack bars day. I had just gotten back from Berlin, where Mo at Keirin traded me a circus bike. This was an early trick bike, and the first style of bikes to ever use pegs. Matt wanted to ride it. We put air in the rotten tubulars, and he was out the door. Within a couple minutes, he was bombing Sanchez Street from the top, on a tiny peg, of a shaking artistic cycling bike, that had never seen the top speed it was engulfed in. The last this we shot was the burning man decompression party. This city is always in a state of flux, and Matt is always down to see it in the moment, and create with the city we love. Enjoy!

BASP 2 2016

2T1A3720With the 2016/17 Bay Area CX season in full swing, and aligned with our Indian summer, racers met out at Candlestick State Park for BASP #2 of the series. This State Park is along the waterfront, next to a pile of dirt that used to house the local football team. Dry dirt, tall grasses and pungent fennel set the vibe here, and we like it. With a day of racing bikes and hanging out with friends ahead of us, the stage was set for the Bay Area Super Prestige Series.2T1A42112T1A4347Proving we have evolved as a species, everyone found shade early in the day.2T1A4340Eddy crashed the day before, so was volunteering with registration and holding down the watermelon.2T1A3785Juniors to the start. Go get it kids!2T1A37722T1A3817The Juniors finished up as the Elite A Women lined up. Just in time to catch this little dude running his mechanical to the line. Good hustle.2T1A38612T1A3746Sean Mon had fans dressing up like their favorite racer and screaming his name.2T1A3725Let’s race bikes2T1A3456Singlespeeders on course with Brandon soaking up the mid-pack dust.2T1A3657Cubby is racing a prototype Low SSCX with cantis. Super nice build.2T1A3617Dylan sitting top three early in the SS As.2T1A35182T1A3681A few laps later, he flatted. We are working on getting him set up with some tubeless rims for the next one.2T1A3495Brandon Harrison is all in this season. Racing our SSCX with TCB and out of the saddle most of the race.2T1A3706Kel was off the front both days, confirming he put in his work this season and wants to beat you. 2T1A3716Brandon in a ripping sprint to the line.2T1A3740Dylan has been working at Specialized where even the lunch ride is competitive. In previous years he’d been a full time student, like Kyle and Walton, which didn’t leave much room for training and racing. Excited to see what this guy can do with a little more freedom in his calendar.2T1A3724Kel2T1A3728Brandon2T1A3796Women’s As on deck2T1A3869Chelsea has been training her face off and the results are showing. Moving up from the Cs to As in a few seasons, now a contender for each holeshot and podium.2T1A3877Here are a bunch of photos of her shredding, because she’s so rad.2T1A38742T1A38922T1A39922T1A3979RJ wishing he was racing bikes2T1A4092Dylan with a firm understanding of summer.2T1A39262T1A4054Winning snacks2T1A4105The A men lined up and several handups sprouted.2T1A4114Derek and Rainier raced both days, so had call ups in the first two rows.2T1A4238Chas racing with TCB, cornering a sand pile, then heading out to the back of the course.2T1A42642T1A41542T1A41862T1A42862T1A42032T1A4303Rainier was in for a podium finish. Dylan offering water with one lap to go.2T1A43082T1A42842T1A43102T1A43222T1A4328Chas left it all out there. 2T1A4346Yard sale2T1A43112T1A4339Next weekend is the night race. Check our calendar for the full schedule. See you out there!


Saturday was the second year Clif threw an event called CykelScramble (pronounced sickle for sure, so there is room to grow there) in San Rafael. They took over the Marin County Fairgrounds and built this crazy race course with wall rides, tables, spines, rock gardens, swinging sand bags, logs, and on down the list. Teams of four signed up to race one bike in a relay.
2T1A3033The event brought out a diverse/rad group of Bay Area locals of all ages, all hopped up on bicycles. OG Marin clunkers, BMX shredders, pro XC and even DH racers like Rat Boy. And us for some reason.
2T1A2891Some people got weird and that was nice.
2T1A2894We did the green screen thing, not for the day’s events, but for what you, the viewer can now do to these photos. Please send to info@mashsf.com and we will make a new post.
2T1A2867 Dylan, BrandonJean, and Matt did not know what they where getting in for when they agreed to get in the van at 7:30 that morning.
2T1A2844The course was pretty challenging, so the conditions made for some highs and lows.
2T1A2820Stoked to have Matt Reyes out for the day. He could have competed on his FG no question. We chose a 26-inch BMX for the relay race. A full squish XC bike ended up being the winning format.
2T1A3101Down, but not out
2T1A2970Someone got knocked out cold, but came around and was okay.
2T1A3171Matt spine tap crossing
2T1A3136Jake with the spine transfer
2T1A3030Matt shot some fake polaroids
2T1A3012Rad to see generations out there being stoked on being stoked.
2T1A3300The race started with a wheelbarrow stretch. We came in mid-pack.
2T1A3239Matt and Brandon had clean bike handoffs.
2T1A3265Guy is rad
2T1A3162Guy, Cubby,  Jake, and Danny raced on 20-inch bmx bikes, and crushed it, and got a little crushed. Sixth in the Roasters for the day.
2T1A3183Banked berm
2T1A3217Brandon in the rocks
2T1A3180The Bruce Lee style Ninja team had some rippers on it. Look them up on the Cykel Scramble site.
2T1A3257Jean got blood on the outside
2T1A3149Cubby about to shoot out of the vert wall ride.
2T1A3247These dudes won, but we both lost for costume originality.
New track drops this fall. See you next year!


Brandon + Hunter 2015

By running a bike shop, we have a door to our community. Friends visit daily, and we are constantly meeting new faces from around the world. The shop has 2 people that fix bikes, and ship orders. While shooting video, Brandon and Hunter ran the shop together. They became great friends through the shop, music, bikes, photography, travel, and on down the list. Martin and I went to Oakland, and jammed around with Hunter, then met them both at the shop, to do another city loop. We thought this footage was going to go into the friends part, but it ended up being a really fun and sometimes heavy section on it’s own. Enjoy