As brothers, Evan and Kyle Murphy have their own way of communicating and sharing. Get an inside look as someone gave them a GoPro when they went to Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2016.


Over the past year we have shared a video chapter or two each month, bringing us to the final chapter in the feature release, Chas Christiansen.  Over the years we would get out and shoot with him a ton – with friends, solo sessions, and location concepts. When it came time to cut a part for him we knew it would be really strong, and his expectations pushed Martin and I to document just how fun/intense it can be to ride the streets with this guy. Every time we got out, it felt like a collaboration between this floating camera and the rider  seemed to glide through the city effortlessly. The Ender. Enclosed is his full video part, as well as an interview we shot with him a few years back, while on standby in the Mission.


I’ve always been a fan of street races as well as outlaw cross races, so last year when Vito and Stephano from SCVDO Genova invited me to the 1st iteration of their race RESPUBLICA I jumped the chance. I was not disappointed as the route ripped you through downtown Genova then up through the hills on some sketchy dirt single track, back down to the city center then back out to the dirt! A ripping race thrown by a rad crew SCVDO RESPUBLICA is a great format that I hope I see more of in years to come! This year they road their fully loaded tracks bikes UP from LA to SF! Once they got here and recovered a bit I was stoked to show them my SF just like they showed me their favorite parts of Genoa. We spent a rad day ripping around, drinking tons of espresso and getting loose! Long Live Brakeless Mixed Terrain Alley Cats!
– Chas