As we launch into 2017, let’s do it with the energy and control of Matt Reyes. Matt is a Bay Area icon. As a local, you will see him lane split you in the car while manualing down Oak, or some other risky/fun line while commuting through San Francisco. Matt has released endless edits over the years, and Martin and I knew we could make something special together. This part was shot over 2 sessions. Albatross bars day, and rack bars day. I had just gotten back from Berlin, where Mo at Keirin traded me a circus bike. This was an early trick bike, and the first style of bikes to ever use pegs. Matt wanted to ride it. We put air in the rotten tubulars, and he was out the door. Within a couple minutes, he was bombing Sanchez Street from the top, on a tiny peg, of a shaking artistic cycling bike, that had never seen the top speed it was engulfed in. The last this we shot was the burning man decompression party. This city is always in a state of flux, and Matt is always down to see it in the moment, and create with the city we love. Enjoy!