MASH AC-3 Frameset in Smoke 2022

We are excited to share our AC frameset for 2022. For the third installment in this series, we updated our monocoque carbon fork to clear 32c 700c tires on a wide rim. It’s the only 30mm rake carbon track fork, that’s why we own the mold on this unique design. We use Columbus Airplane tubing, phosphate dip the frames, smoke, decal, and clear coat the finished aluminum.
Framesets include our zero stack headset, seat collar, compression plug, and top cap. Framesets are available in 6 sizes, and retail for $925.00 USD. Available Wednesday April 6th at 9:00 AM Pacific time at
Specs include: 27.2 post, English 68 bottom bracket, 100/120 hub spacing, Tapered 1 1/18 to 1 1/2 head tube, headset included.
Stainless dropout plates are marked for symmetry, and chain stay length.
This build is size 56 Large, and weighs under 14lbs. The frame + Fork, headset, and collar weigh under 5lbs total.
Both the fork, and the rear brake bridge are designed to look clean, but both can be drilled to support caliper brakes.


Evan has a few races under his belt racing our new frameset, and we had a chance to share his build while in New York for Red Hook 2018. This is our first aluminum/carbon design under our own name, and we are excited to share some details of what’s to come in 2018.

We launched our first design intent with the Bolt frameset in 2008. Ten years later, we are sharing an update to a geo we first showed in 2014 known as the Parallax. Our hearts are in the streets, so we wanted to continue that tradition with the new AC1, and we could not be more excited with the end result. The design process has been invigorating as we grow as a manufacture. This new design shows what is to come as MASH. With eight years working closely with Columbus, we had the opportunity to develop new tube specs to create a light modern frame that is stiffer then our past designs.  The stainless steel plates on the rear dropout are detailed with millimeter markers.It is common for bike brands to use OEM forks, but we chose to open a new mold to create our own monocoque carbon fork. We wanted to create a full carbon fork with a 30mm rake and nothing existed. Working with Al Nelson, we developed and tested this new stiffer shape that weighs nearly half of what our carbon forks have  in the past. In 2008 we developed the first drill-able carbon fork, and we have kept that tradition alive today. This is a small detail as purists do not want brake holes, while some parts of the world require running brakes on the street.Phil Wood X ENVE 20/24 race wheels built for Evan by John Bennet at MASH. Look for a fun collaboration with Phil later this summer.Design + Paintwork for this finish was developed by Al Nelson. We named this graphic Gamma. The greek word has a broad meaning, but we found inspiration in the process of darkening and lightening hues in photo/video processes. The inside fork and rear stays illustrate stepped gradations of the same tone. This effect is reminiscent of creating test strips in the darkroom. Nerdy we know, but that is who we are.Framesets will include a low rise headset, compression plug and seat collar. This is the first time we have used the smooth welding process. It was too expensive in the past, so we are happy to be able to finish clean welds without using any filler. Both the fork and now the rear brake bridge are drill-able so a rider may choose to run a single or full brake option.

We made 150 pieces for this first delivery. Fifty will be offered in Japan through Blue Lug, and a few shops will share the remaining 100 pieces. Look for pre-orders opening in July, and shipping in August 2018.

More details including geo and sizing soon!


MASH9983Selle Italia debuted the SLR saddle in 2000 and quickly became a staple for cyclists worldwide. The sleek shape was revolutionary, and it’s minimal weight set a new standard. We are lucky to collaborate with this historic brand to bring the original SLR back with a new finish. The black fibra-tek cover hosts a black on black take on the original graphic with the MASH metallic gold shield on the back. 133mm width. MASH9980MASH9989MASH0001Selle Italia introduced the Flite saddle in 1990 and 28 years later, it is still a staple for generations of cyclists. We had the opportunity to skin this classic shape with black perforated full-grain leather. The silhouette shows our bolt icon in black on black with metallic silver Selle Italia icons. 140mm widthMASH9997MASH0008MASH9994



2T1A3543Spring 2017:  As the sun transitions from the southern to northern hemispheres, we know summer is around the corner. The daylight hours get longer we find ourselves with more time to ride and soak up the sun. For this reason our 2017 collaboration with Oakley could not have come at a better time. We chose our two favorite shapes based on how we live with eyewear.

2T1A3438Oakley Radar EV Path are our go to riding shape. They feel invisible with full field of view. The lenses are cut to float just off your cheeks, allowing plenty of airflow to avoid fogging on steamy climbs. Oakley creates durable eyewear that is designs to be able to be stuffed in a jersey pocket when the sun finally sets. Chas Christiansen draws on everything so we feel lucky to have the glasses wrapped in his lens cloth bag. The frames are dark charcoal flake, with chrome iridium Path lenses with a small etched detail.

2T1A3423Oakley Frogskins are light weight, easy to wear, and maintenance free. This is the shape we love for casual riding, and everything else. Chas Christiansen draws on everything so we feel lucky to have the glasses wrapped in his lens cloth bag.

frog1This design is limited to 90 pieces available to the public, and we could not feel more lucky to be able to share them with you today in our shop, and on our site.




jandd13Jandd is a timeless outdoor brand based In San Diego. For decades, they have produced intelligent bags that are designed to last. We have admired them forever and feel lucky to be able to collaborate with them for the first time. The first piece we designed is a new bag for Jandd and MASH. The bike travel bag. Available in Black, Navy, or Olive. (shown)jandd5

After years of flying with bikes, we have evolved the bike travel bag in a direction that fits us. The goal was to create a bag small enough to avoid oversize bag fees at the airport, to be light weight, and for your bike and components to stay protected. The bag is lined with a thin lightweight padding to protect the bike on all sides.  This is the bag we have wanted for a decade, and we feel lucky to have created it with a historic outdoor brand like Jandd. It will fit most all sizes of road, cyclocross, and urban bikes. Not ideal for touring or mtb bikes.

jandd11 The bag size is: 32 X 26 X 7injandd3Backpack straps tuck away completely so they do not get hung up when flying. A shoulder strap and top handle allow for several carrying positions through the airport or train station.jandd7The inside walls of the bag host offset wheel compartments with reinforced liners to protect from axles pushing through. There are also 2 large pockets inside to carry large and small components. jandd8jandd10We had fun creating a new multi-color theme for the Jandd X-Small hip pack. It fits enough of the essentials for a long day on the trails. They have 1.5″ waist belts, dual zipper heads on a storm-flapped, heavy-duty zipper, and a flat storage pocket on top. Time-tested banana shape that started the fanny pack phenomenon almost two decades ago.

Volume: 161 ci/ 2.6 ltr

Weight: 6.4 oz/ 180 g
Dimensions: 3.5 x 12 x 3.5 (in)
9 x 30 x 9 (cm)
Material: Dupont Cordura

jandd15Also works as a small sling bag, for a camera, phone, bottle, etc. jandd_saddle_1_grande-1

The Jandd Small Saddle Bag is lean and light enough while still capable of stuffing a large tube, tool, and a snack. The multi-panel bag is Gray-Navy-Black, with a vertical zipper, and reflective trim.


Reflective finishing tape adds an added level of saftey on early mornings and late nights out. All three bags are available in our shop and on our site. Check in!


2017 brings new collaborations with local bag maker Boreas. We have 3 new designs, including updated features on the 50L race day bag. This bag has proven itself over the past four years, quickly becoming the go to travel bag for the team. This season we added a roll-out changing matte to the shape. The coated nylon matte is connected inside a sealed pouch inside the bag, and offers a clean dry place for your feet as you change clothes. The race day bag, and 2 additional designs are available in our shop, and at on our site today.



Summer is here, and our shop is seeing lots of new items coming through our door. Having a shop is an opportunity to curate a shop that we would want to visit, filled with local and rare designs. Enclosed are some new pieces we have at the shop.

Trevor sews Zodiac Bags. The first delivery is for his large rolltop bag, and it is, by far, the nicest bag we have seen for working messengers. These bags are numbered, and we have the first dozen.


We see so many caps through the shop, and end up with odds and ends so created a mystery cap. These MASH caps traditionally retail for $22.00, so they are 50% off, and include random stickers.


Binary sticker packs include 7 pieces, and are printed on clear stock, with black, white, and bright red inks.


Cinelli shipped a size run of our Single Speed Cyclocross, and we are offering them at a new lower price. The reviews on this frame have been so positive, a perfect solution for a work frame, race bike, or commuter single speed.


U-Lock pins and necklaces are back in stock in silver or black metal finishes.


Chas made some of his weapon drawings into patches and pins, and are available in three sharp objects.


Not sure how many writers caught the reference on this MARSH reference, but we make things for our friends, and think this shirt is the jam!


New pocket T-shirt honoring Jane Jacobs turned out really fresh!


Lazy Monk tote bags are sewn in Minnesota by Aya and Ryuta Nakajima. They are painters by trade, and their color choices are some of the best we see. These totes make for great rack bags.


Chas drew us a new shop shirt and crewneck, and we love it.


We collaborated with San Marco on 2 new saddle shapes including the Aspide wide.



otto10We are excited to share the work of San Francisco artist Erik Otto. We have known Erik through bikes, and love what he is creating as an artist. Working with Castelli, and Specialized, we have created a cycling kit and bottles with Erik, and love the finished pieces. Enclosed are some thoughts from Erik.

I grew up as a very active kid and across from my neighborhood park there was an unfinished construction site that became the secret hangout where local kids would find a way through the fence and ride BMX bikes until someone either got hurt or we chased out by security. Once I was old enough to drive a car, I put off on getting a license and wanted to do everything on bike. After graduating college in 2005, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in art, but also became exposed to the fixed gear track bike scene from the MASH team for the first time. Heavily influenced by the strength and creativity from those riders I was inspired to ride the city. Everything was so new and I quickly learned how cycling is the best way to get to know your surroundings all the while having fun doing so.

otto3And that’s just it. Biking has always been something I turned to for enjoyment. I would work a full day in the studio and scheduled tasks that required me to break up my day to ride across town to pick up or drop something off. Riding bikes and making art initially were very separate, but over time, the lifestyle from experiencing the world on two wheels became a major influence to the more serious work I began creating. I was making work that captured motion and energy and through the process itself I would find a sense of peace amidst forces that I felt were beyond my control. Similarly, the self-sufficient act of riding a bike became empowering and my continual place of refuge, while my interest in flow increased both in and out of the studio. I would make the work then process it later while on a bike and it didn’t take long to see that the two outlets were becoming one.

This still holds true today, and while the themes of my work have evolved, the ability to survive with an alternative career path in an expensive city hasn’t become any easier. It takes an insane amount of dedication and perseverance to overcome the moments where nothing seems to be working. I consciously chose this life of struggle and every day I do my best to keep things moving forward. Meanwhile, every single day I hop on a bike which serves as a reminder to power through the pain and endure the most difficult of times because you never know what’s possible unless you keep on going.

We created 22oz Purist Bottles with Erik’s print. We love how these turned out.

Waves of Change
acrylic and spray paint on canvas
41 x 55 in.
*artwork available for purchase 

otto2otto13Short Sleeve Jersey shown with Arm Warmers.otto18Arm Warmersotto15Wind Stopper Jacket with pass through rear zip.

otto20We have a new black bib, with the Castelli  Team bib with Kiss Air Pad, as well as new knee and leg warmers. Available now!