BASP 2 2016

2T1A3720With the 2016/17 Bay Area CX season in full swing, and aligned with our Indian summer, racers met out at Candlestick State Park for BASP #2 of the series. This State Park is along the waterfront, next to a pile of dirt that used to house the local football team. Dry dirt, tall grasses and pungent fennel set the vibe here, and we like it. With a day of racing bikes and hanging out with friends ahead of us, the stage was set for the Bay Area Super Prestige Series.2T1A42112T1A4347Proving we have evolved as a species, everyone found shade early in the day.2T1A4340Eddy crashed the day before, so was volunteering with registration and holding down the watermelon.2T1A3785Juniors to the start. Go get it kids!2T1A37722T1A3817The Juniors finished up as the Elite A Women lined up. Just in time to catch this little dude running his mechanical to the line. Good hustle.2T1A38612T1A3746Sean Mon had fans dressing up like their favorite racer and screaming his name.2T1A3725Let’s race bikes2T1A3456Singlespeeders on course with Brandon soaking up the mid-pack dust.2T1A3657Cubby is racing a prototype Low SSCX with cantis. Super nice build.2T1A3617Dylan sitting top three early in the SS As.2T1A35182T1A3681A few laps later, he flatted. We are working on getting him set up with some tubeless rims for the next one.2T1A3495Brandon Harrison is all in this season. Racing our SSCX with TCB and out of the saddle most of the race.2T1A3706Kel was off the front both days, confirming he put in his work this season and wants to beat you. 2T1A3716Brandon in a ripping sprint to the line.2T1A3740Dylan has been working at Specialized where even the lunch ride is competitive. In previous years he’d been a full time student, like Kyle and Walton, which didn’t leave much room for training and racing. Excited to see what this guy can do with a little more freedom in his calendar.2T1A3724Kel2T1A3728Brandon2T1A3796Women’s As on deck2T1A3869Chelsea has been training her face off and the results are showing. Moving up from the Cs to As in a few seasons, now a contender for each holeshot and podium.2T1A3877Here are a bunch of photos of her shredding, because she’s so rad.2T1A38742T1A38922T1A39922T1A3979RJ wishing he was racing bikes2T1A4092Dylan with a firm understanding of summer.2T1A39262T1A4054Winning snacks2T1A4105The A men lined up and several handups sprouted.2T1A4114Derek and Rainier raced both days, so had call ups in the first two rows.2T1A4238Chas racing with TCB, cornering a sand pile, then heading out to the back of the course.2T1A42642T1A41542T1A41862T1A42862T1A42032T1A4303Rainier was in for a podium finish. Dylan offering water with one lap to go.2T1A43082T1A42842T1A43102T1A43222T1A4328Chas left it all out there. 2T1A4346Yard sale2T1A43112T1A4339Next weekend is the night race. Check our calendar for the full schedule. See you out there!