Saturday was the second year Clif threw an event called CykelScramble (pronounced sickle for sure, so there is room to grow there) in San Rafael. They took over the Marin County Fairgrounds and built this crazy race course with wall rides, tables, spines, rock gardens, swinging sand bags, logs, and on down the list. Teams of four signed up to race one bike in a relay.
2T1A3033The event brought out a diverse/rad group of Bay Area locals of all ages, all hopped up on bicycles. OG Marin clunkers, BMX shredders, pro XC and even DH racers like Rat Boy. And us for some reason.
2T1A2891Some people got weird and that was nice.
2T1A2894We did the green screen thing, not for the day’s events, but for what you, the viewer can now do to these photos. Please send to and we will make a new post.
2T1A2867 Dylan, BrandonJean, and Matt did not know what they where getting in for when they agreed to get in the van at 7:30 that morning.
2T1A2844The course was pretty challenging, so the conditions made for some highs and lows.
2T1A2820Stoked to have Matt Reyes out for the day. He could have competed on his FG no question. We chose a 26-inch BMX for the relay race. A full squish XC bike ended up being the winning format.
2T1A3101Down, but not out
2T1A2970Someone got knocked out cold, but came around and was okay.
2T1A3171Matt spine tap crossing
2T1A3136Jake with the spine transfer
2T1A3030Matt shot some fake polaroids
2T1A3012Rad to see generations out there being stoked on being stoked.
2T1A3300The race started with a wheelbarrow stretch. We came in mid-pack.
2T1A3239Matt and Brandon had clean bike handoffs.
2T1A3265Guy is rad
2T1A3162Guy, Cubby,  Jake, and Danny raced on 20-inch bmx bikes, and crushed it, and got a little crushed. Sixth in the Roasters for the day.
2T1A3183Banked berm
2T1A3217Brandon in the rocks
2T1A3180The Bruce Lee style Ninja team had some rippers on it. Look them up on the Cykel Scramble site.
2T1A3257Jean got blood on the outside
2T1A3149Cubby about to shoot out of the vert wall ride.
2T1A3247These dudes won, but we both lost for costume originality.
New track drops this fall. See you next year!