MASH Steel Framesets 2022

Two new finishes of steel frames will be available Wednesday June14th at 9:00 AM Pacific at The size chart and specs are at the bottom of this scroll. Check our Instagram if you need info/details before they go live. Will try to field questions there.
Very neon yellow + orange fade with a gloss finish, with a neon orange brass head badge
ED coated to slow rust. 120 rear track spacing. Clears a 38+ 700c on most rims.
Sorry for the terrible digital color management. These neon exports are all over the place : )
Available in 6 sizes and 2 finishes
All of our frames support front and rear canti post brakes, and the top tube has internal cable routing.
this candy apple red flake and pearl white are stunning in the sunshine.
racing lightly since forever
Thank you for supporting our bike shop sized bike brand. Being able to be creative this way, and be able to take riders on adventures, bringing some spirit with each frameset is everything for us. Enjoy the ride!

MASH Steel All-Road Frameset

Wednesday April 27th at 9:00 AM Pacific time, we will offer our first steel road framesets at We have been developing this model for years, getting feedback, adjusting, and we are ecstatic with the results. Framesets are spec’d with our butted steel, phosphate dipped, and sprayed with a matte clear finish, with gloss clear artwork. Check the notes below, and email with any questions you may have. We ship worldwide from San Francisco. If you are in Japan, please check with Blue Lug Tokyo!
Includes our frame, fork, front and rear axles, collar, cable guides, and hanger. A size large frame weights 5lbs, and the fork with cut steer weighs 2lbs.
Clears 700-35+ 650-42+
Detail of our cast fork crown creating a 1 1/8 370/43 straight blade, thru axle steel fork
Note: This sample had internal rear brake, but we updated it to be fully external, developing new cable guides to support up to 3 cables. Front and rear derailleur, and rear brake.
We now offer these rack struts in matte black if you are looking for a mid fork strut solution for our rack.

MASH AC-3 Frameset in Smoke 2022

We are excited to share our AC frameset for 2022. For the third installment in this series, we updated our monocoque carbon fork to clear 32c 700c tires on a wide rim. It’s the only 30mm rake carbon track fork, that’s why we own the mold on this unique design. We use Columbus Airplane tubing, phosphate dip the frames, smoke, decal, and clear coat the finished aluminum.
Framesets include our zero stack headset, seat collar, compression plug, and top cap. Framesets are available in 6 sizes, and retail for $925.00 USD. Available Wednesday April 6th at 9:00 AM Pacific time at
Specs include: 27.2 post, English 68 bottom bracket, 100/120 hub spacing, Tapered 1 1/18 to 1 1/2 head tube, headset included.
Stainless dropout plates are marked for symmetry, and chain stay length.
This build is size 56 Large, and weighs under 14lbs. The frame + Fork, headset, and collar weigh under 5lbs total.
Both the fork, and the rear brake bridge are designed to look clean, but both can be drilled to support caliper brakes.

MASH Hardtail 2022

Excited for this day! It’s no surprise we have cheered for single speed bikes for 17 years, and that love will NEVER stop. We have also had more than one discipline of bike, whether it was a track bike, bmx, cx, road, gravel, and mountain. Part of what keeps bike people happy for life is being able to jump between a few formats of machines. For 2022, we are sharing our first geared frames, including our hardtail.

This frame is in the middle between XC and Aggressive bikes, a great trail hardtail nicknamed the Rockbanger.

It’s made from double butted 4130 steel, built to not be the lightest bike, but supple and super fun. Born partly from bmx brains, and you can see it all the way down to the gussets. It’s as simple as these bikes get, and can use the Phil Wood Eccentric BB if you want to run it as a single speed.

We chose specs that would make it really accessible to build up. English bb, 31.6 post, boost spacing, tapered headset.
Enclosed are some details for our first Hardtail release Wednesday March 23rd at 9:00 PST.  at

Suggested sizing, but you may prefer a bit bigger or smaller frame.

XS: 4’11 to 5’3  or 149.86cm to 160cm
S: 5’3 to 5’8 or 160cm to 172.7cm
M: 5’8 to 5’11 or  172.7cm to 180.3cm
L: 6ft to 6’2  or 182cm to 187cm
XL: 6’3 to 6’5  or 188cm to 195.5cm

XS – L are built for 130-140 travel forks.
XL is a 29r, built for 120-130 travel forks. 
Or you can build it rigid with a travel adjusted carbon or steel fork.
The frames are $925.00 in the US, and also available at Blue Lug Japan.

The Raw frames are treated with a phosphate solution to slow rusting, and then sprayed with matte clear. Shown with a Chris King Inset 2 headset. Headsets are sold separately.

31.6 Internal Dropper length suggestions:
XS- up to 150 mm dropper
S up to 175 mm dropper
M: up to 200 mm dropper
L: up to 230 mm dropper
XL: up to 240 mm dropper

The bike is compatible with 2.3 to 2.6 27.5 tires depending how you want it to feel. We have been loving 2.4 27.5 on them. The XL hardtail will fit up with similar width tires.

John Benett on the wall. All photos by Kyle-Emery Peck @instacubs

MASH Steel Frames 7-21

Enclosed are notes for our 2021 steel frame delivery. This post includes details of the new finishes and the size chart. Each year we make a batch of frames, and since covid, the frames have been selling out in seconds for some sizes, and a day for others. To level the playing field, we are going to host an email raffle in the next two weeks, where you can sign up for a spot to buy a frameset. Check Instagram, Facebook, and here next week for the release date. Shops will receive 3 finishes: Black Rainbow, Matte Phosphate Raw, and Bullitt Green, with a 4th Neon Fade Finish available only at Blue Lug and our raffle at MASH.
We phosphate dip our raw steel frames and finish them with a matte clear. This process slows rust, and is a window into the process of manipulating ancient minerals that make up one of these machines.
We brought back our Bullitt Green finish, this time with a painted rear triangle.
We ED coat all of our painted frames, so steel dropouts won’t rust. It’s small details like this that add up to a thoughtful finished build.
This neon red-purple fade will be available through Blue Lug and MASH exclusively. This Klein inspired long fade has reflective artwork under a gloss clear finish.
The black rainbow finish is quiet in low light, and louder in direct sun.
We cast our own fork crown to offer a classic straight blade lugged fork with a steep rake.
Our steel frames are available in 6 sizes. We label them based on the top tube length measurement center to center. Our frame feels like a classic track bike with nearly matching top and seat tube measurements. Smaller frames will have toe overlap, creating a more aggressive feeling.
This build is shown with 35c dirt tires. The frames are designed to clear most 40c 700c tires, and we’ve seen some fun 650b builds.
Each Steel frame is compatible with front and rear canti or mini v brakes. Each frame includes removable brake studs, seat collar, and top cap assembly, water bottle and brake hole plugs, along with the frame and fork.
Iridescent decals on black rainbow flake
Green Machine

MASH Steel Framesets 2021

Today we are offering batch three of our steel frames. Enclosed are some details, size chart, and links. Check in!


EDIT: This batch sold by 9-14-2020. Next version of these frames will be 5-2021 most likely.



For this batch we made a few updates to a bike we love. Adding a larger 62TT size, Creating our own spec for steel, Electrophoretic Deposition coating to protect dropouts from rusting, and a new head badge for 2021.
Fork ends with new E.D. coating
The green model was inspired by the iconic Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt. It has the decaled head badge showing it was the 4th frame designed, but the 7th to be produced.
This is the second batch to use our custom fork crown
Ensest Porno
Frames and forks have removable brake studs, and replacement bolts
Our geo has always been inspired by classic track frames. Higher bottom bracket, square top tube/seat tube, steep seat and steer tubes. This is what a city bikes feels like to us. Quick, and responsive, while still fun in the dirt.
Shown with 43 Panaracer Gravel SK tires front and rear
Framesets include our 30.0 replaceable collar
We will have a few sets of these custom MASH Phil wheelsets soon.
Heat Treated, double butted, 4130 Steel spec’d for street and dirt
The silver smoke has rainbow flake in it, and really responds in sunlight.