MASH Hardtail 2022

Excited for this day! It’s no surprise we have cheered for single speed bikes for 17 years, and that love will NEVER stop. We have also had more than one discipline of bike, whether it was a track bike, bmx, cx, road, gravel, and mountain. Part of what keeps bike people happy for life is being able to jump between a few formats of machines. For 2022, we are sharing our first geared frames, including our hardtail.

This frame is in the middle between XC and Aggressive bikes, a great trail hardtail nicknamed the Rockbanger.

It’s made from double butted 4130 steel, built to not be the lightest bike, but supple and super fun. Born partly from bmx brains, and you can see it all the way down to the gussets. It’s as simple as these bikes get, and can use the Phil Wood Eccentric BB if you want to run it as a single speed.

We chose specs that would make it really accessible to build up. English bb, 31.6 post, boost spacing, tapered headset.
Enclosed are some details for our first Hardtail release Wednesday March 23rd at 9:00 PST.  at

Suggested sizing, but you may prefer a bit bigger or smaller frame.

XS: 4’11 to 5’3  or 149.86cm to 160cm
S: 5’3 to 5’8 or 160cm to 172.7cm
M: 5’8 to 5’11 or  172.7cm to 180.3cm
L: 6ft to 6’2  or 182cm to 187cm
XL: 6’3 to 6’5  or 188cm to 195.5cm

XS – L are built for 130-140 travel forks.
XL is a 29r, built for 120-130 travel forks. 
Or you can build it rigid with a travel adjusted carbon or steel fork.
The frames are $925.00 in the US, and also available at Blue Lug Japan.

The Raw frames are treated with a phosphate solution to slow rusting, and then sprayed with matte clear. Shown with a Chris King Inset 2 headset. Headsets are sold separately.

31.6 Internal Dropper length suggestions:
XS- up to 150 mm dropper
S up to 175 mm dropper
M: up to 200 mm dropper
L: up to 230 mm dropper
XL: up to 240 mm dropper

The bike is compatible with 2.3 to 2.6 27.5 tires depending how you want it to feel. We have been loving 2.4 27.5 on them. The XL hardtail will fit up with similar width tires.

John Benett on the wall. All photos by Kyle-Emery Peck @instacubs