2015 has brought some changes in my life. A couple years ago I started focusing on organized racing. I had done messenger races, unsanctioned races, and all sorts of sanctioned racing since the end of high school. All of it was for fun, without putting any real effort in to the results I was getting. This was until a few years ago when I had the thought that I am not getting any younger, so why don’t I put some effort in, and see where it takes me.

The first road season I went form a cat 5 to cat 2 on the road, that winter I went straight into cyclocross and won the Elite NCNCA State CX Champion title. Again without a break cross season ends when road season starts, and I got a ride with the premier elite nor cal road team, Team Mike’s Bikes. There I learned tons and ended my season getting my cat 1 upgrade just in time to fly out to Elite Road Nationals, where I podium’d with a 3rd place. That winter, 3 days before I flew out to the East coast for some UCI CX races I crashed in a local race, fracturing my collarbone. This was unfortunate as MASH SF had stepped up to support me by getting me on a bunch of flights in search of a UCI point or 2. Instead I was sidelined and abandoned the end of my CX season so I could prepare for my upcoming road calendar with a Continental UCI team I had signed with, IRT Pro Cycling.

When I made the decision to race, I never envisioned being where I am today, the people I have met, or the experiences I’ve had. I am currently home from 5 weeks on the road racing, and as I look forward and plan for the rest of the season. I am amazed by the places i’ll go and things I have planned that are completely new to me 🙂


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