May Day Ride with Greg LeMond

2T1A4384May 1 2015: A few weeks before our shop anniversary, we made plans for some events to stoke our friends—a group ride and a street race that finished with a BBQ. That is what we like. While talking with our friend Blick, he says, “Hey LeMond wants do the group ride.” With that said, I did not give it much thought beyond making sure we invited our friends, and in the spirit of our usual shop rides, invite all formats of bikes to ride road and dirt. We met at Oakley where 150 cyclists eagerly showed up to ride around the Bay Area with the American cyclist who inspired a nation with his multiple wins at the Tour de France, as well as two World Championships. What started out as a simple group ride, clearly became something much more. Gabe and I tagged along to share that experience. Enclosed are some photos of that afternoon and the smiles that lit up the route over the bridge and out to the bunker.2T1A44152T1A4436DSC_4099DSC_4405DSC_4317DSC_43802T1A4506DSC_4584DSC_9236DSC_46542T1A4669DSC_9258DSC_4932DSC_48512T1A4732DSC_92842T1A4802DSC_92952T1A49422T1A48922T1A4948DSC_9343DSC_93962T1A50302T1A50332T1A50352T1A5040DSC_5029DSC_5051DSC_50852T1A44962T1A51012T1A51252T1A51702T1A5143Thank You for coming out!

Photos: Gabe Morford + Mike Martin

Thanks to Greg and Blick for making fun bike stuff happen always.