MASH 10 year 3

Today we are celebrating 10 years of working on the MASH project. To commemorate our creative relationship with Cinelli, we have taken the race tested geometry of our Parallax frame set, and asked Garrett Chow to bring his best work to the table. The result is very special to us.
MASH 10 year 1

“All designs of MASH Ten Year Anniversary products are based on ‘X’, the Roman numeral for Ten: ‘X’ is comprised of the intersection of two lines or, can be seen as two angles in tangency. This rationale serves as the basis of the vanishing point(s) in linear perspective —the means for representing three-dimensional objects and space on a two-dimensional surface.

The design elements and visual language of all #MASHtenyear products–from premiere flyer to the frameset you see here–are derived from plotting equidistant points along the periphery of the MASH logotype, and then tracing these points back to a vanishing point. Scaling the ‘wireframe’ derived from this exercise, and varying the distance of the vanishing point and placement of the logotype above and below the horizon line yields myriad permutations of this visual language.” GC
MASH 10 year 2

This frame set, in this 10 year color, is limited to 100 total pieces.

The frames are only available for PRE-ORDER through our site, and physical shop in San Francisco California.

Garrett will hand scribe each frame in the order we received the pre-order. The first order we receive will be frame number 1, and the last will be frame number 100.

These are expected to land in California in November 2015. About 60 days from today. Order HERE.

There will be no cancellations available for this pre-order. Please purchase with confidence.
MASH 10 year 4