BASP #5 2016

2T1A6658Bay Area racers headed to Vallejo California for the fifth and final installment of the Bay Area Super Prestige series. With rain on the radar, local racers looked forward to ending the season in a different weather pattern then the season started in, a dry hot, dustbowl. Derek and I jumped out of the van, and grabbed a few warm-up laps before the elite Men’s A’s got on corse. The following photo essay was shot on November 19th 2016, and celebrate the details from the day.

Menlo Velo bringing the mud and blood bright and early. 2T1A6662Giro sent the team some custom Synthe helmets for the race season. This lean helmet has felt the best, of everything we have raced in over the years. Lean cut, not bulky. Minimal pads to wash, tons of airflow, while still feeling covered when the rain comes down.
2T1A6611This Belgian family knew how to interact with the racers.2T1A66932T1A6686Eddy in a chicken wing2T1A6708Stoker details2T1A6702Last race of the series means packing the race numbers and timing chips away till next season. Let’s make this one special.2T1A67152T1A6673I like making these mask portraits. Some things never change, including changing.2T1A6698Eddy built up this Work frame prototype, and raced it for the first time. It has a makeshift nylon front brake, and the rear is mounted under the seat stays.2T1A6634
Murphy Mack must be ready for a break after promoting eight races this cyclocross season.
Peanut butter mud lined the course, a rare condition in the Bay Area.
In the Bay Area, there is always a stars and stripes jersey somewhere in the lineup.
Derek, Rainier, and Ryan fighting for the holeshot.
2T1A6814Ritchey Megabite tires digging into the dry duff on an off camber turn. Light and dry dirt under trees was sticking to wet mud on other parts of the course, essentially gluing the mud to the bikes.
Brandon at the top of the course, after a tough climb on his Mash SS.
Sean making himself comfortable.
Slippery grass made the tough climbs all the more difficult and decisive.
The uphill and muddy barriers were no match for Derek.
2T1A6692Neutral Support2T1A6618Heckler2T1A69122T1A6956
Eddy racing in his first Elite SS race, and learned what that extra 15 minutes felt like.
Derek chased the podium all day, never outside of eyesight.
Cubby making it look easy, while trying to bounce mud off the bike at each barrier.
Rainier not making it look easy.
Spokesman definitely making it look very difficult.
Stigmata frames with Enve/Chris King/Ritchey/Sella Italia can be built up to be under 17 lbs.
A light rain began to fall mid-way through the race, making the course all the more precipitous.
Ritchey Megabite tires digging into what little traction there was on this climb.
Rainier and Derek chasing Andy Jacques-Maynes and Murray Swanson down the finishing straight.
SSCX crusher, the Vallejo course is a good one for Kell McKenzie.
2T1A7277Selle Italia is supporting the team, and loving the new shapes.2T1A72932T1A7262Brandon has given his all this season, and this smile shows me what the Bay Area CX season is truly made of. Ear to ear.

Photos: Mike Martin

Words: Rainier Schaefer