MP3 LOUDSPEAKER Review By NodaVelo:

After looking at MASH’s store multiple times I finally plugged in the order. The BITOS loudspeaker is simple, designed for cycling audio, and allows you to avoid wearing headphones. Between the cord dangling from my ears, lack of track control (since it’s in my pocket), and obvious danger of not hearing traffic, this item solves each and every concern of your MP3 player. In the packing, a bar mount is included, but I picked up some industrial strength Velcro to wrap it to my bag’s strap. I went this route to avoid forgetting it on the bike plus it is closer to my ears.

The process of uploading music to the loudspeaker is simple, there is a 1/8” to USB cable included to mount the loudspeaker to your computer. I dragged and dropped the files into the drive listed in Finder, the loudspeaker acts as a USB thumb drive. Unmount the loudspeaker, hit play, and the music starts right away. A wall charger is included, but you can plug it into your computer to charge also.

Ease of use makes this a better choice than headphones, hit play and go. Depending on where you locate the loudspeaker, the controls are at your fingertips. The volume is sufficient depending on the environment, obviously it’s going to have limits, but that keeps your safety in mind while riding with traffic. So far I have encountered one dilemma, if the loudspeaker is turned off in the middle of a song or mix, it does not retain time position when it is turned on again. Listening to hour plus mixes, in my case, kicks it back to the beginning. I have not figured out if this is an option or just the way it is.

With it’s compact, yet tough, design, battery life, and ease of use I plan to keep this loudspeaker around as long as possible. Head over to MASH’s page to get yours’.