Frank Liew: SAG MASH Backpack review.

Thanks for taking time with the piece frank!

This is one of the more impressive products I’ve seen come through our doors as of late, and you can really see the thought both parties placed into the development of this product. Much like everything else Mike/MASH gets themselves into, they really do go that extra distance into creating not only a good looking but technically functional end-product. I remember Mike saying it was a two-year project between the two companies, in order to create a whole new product they were both satisifed with instead of re-hashing a colourway or tweaking an existing unit. The overall shape allows for quite a spacious expandable main compartment but doesn’t look oversized like some of the messenger backpacks available on the market. Tough outer PU coated poly webbing, contoured backing for a more comfortable fit (my chiropractor thanks you), reflective paneling.

Aside from that, there are a ton of features that took me about half an hour of dorking around to find – including a laptop compartment, side access panels, a skateboard holster, quick-access tearaway front panel, see-through phone/iPod pocket, removable straps for adjustment & washing, and more compartments that I probably haven’t discovered yet. Here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Frank Liew