Kosuke Masuda


We met Kosuke Masuda – or simply, Ko – in 2006 during an art show in Tokyo. Ko engages in multiple art mediums, from painting, to engraving, to writing. He is a Buddhist monk and his personal philosophy is apparent in his work.

Enclosed are a few photographs of his work. The details are mind blowing.


We recently sent Ko our Cinelli MASH drop bars and stem. Ko hand engraved them with a dremel and the results are jaw dropping. The bars, stem and top cap were supposed to be it, but a black anodized Campagnolo record pista track crank set and chain ring seemed like a must. Would be nice to build a complete bike with him one day!

ko_03I highly recommend checking out Ko’s website as well. His intention with his artwork is so advanced. It can be easy to get caught up with the modern busy life, but I could sit with these pieces for hours, continuing to find new hidden details. Honored to have them here on display at our shop.ko_02 ko_04ko_08 ko_07 ko_09 ko_10

  • Photos: Martin Bustamante