Save the Polo Fields

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San Francisco is a progressive city, with year-round beautiful weather. For these reasons, an outsider would think there are several options for cyclists to ride bikes without cars. This idea simply is not true. Most all of the trails are gray area, or illegal. The Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park are one of the only spaces with a cycling history. The Parks Department shows the former velodrome space to be dedicated to cycling in the historic registry. There are about 70 soccer fields in San Francisco, a seven-by-seven mile piece of land, with a development budget in the millions. Some of those fields are in the middle of the Polo Fields velo track. The track is shared with pedestrians walking dogs, joggers, and cyclists training at all levels. On days that soccer is in play, the track is closed to cyclists by steel gates.  Friends of the Polo Fields is hoping to make some changes to improve the experience for all. Dividing it into two lanes for faster and slower riders, as well as moving the fence back to open up the blind spot in the corners. If you are a local cyclist, please go to these meetings. Bring your children. Listen, and contribute in a positive way, that helps urban planning reflect what a broader mix of locals want and need.

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