Somewhere in Rome Froome is spraying champagne with a dark shadow of doping hanging over the crowd, but not here. Not in Golden Gate Park. On Sunday May 27th Resistance Racing organized the final from their spring tracklocross series. Underground racing on brakeless track bikes in the dirt. makes total sense and that is why we are here. Jean and Nick just wanted to host some fun races with friends, and although still very small, they have helped a global community replicate the format, ending in an international main event coming up in Minnesota. The park is beginning to get loose and sandy, with some racers not swapping from their 23’s and street gears, making it all the more challenging. Men and women lined up together, and battled it out through the trees and overgrown single track, finished with a log podium and bbq. Enclosed are details from what has become one of our favorite races.Photos: Mike Martin