Another summer is brought to a close, and for West Coast Cyclocross, we see Cross Vegas as the kickoff for the race season. The event has grown over the years, becoming the staple for the bike industry on a Wednesday night in Las Vegas. The UCI World Cup took it to another level, with pros traveling from around the world to get in on the action. Our shop team races at the USAC level (more on those races in a future post) and as fans of the sport, we love being able to see an event of this magnitude piggyback an industry event, Interbike. For a few decades of my life I worked as a “professional” photographer. It was my career and I have spoken about how the art process that I fell in love with was then tarnished when it became a job. MASH saved me in that way. Just shooting what/when I wanted, and sharing with a community that I am really stoked to be a part of. I don’t get a press pass at these events and wander as I please, oftentimes getting yelled at along the way. This is fun to me, and because I’m happy, I enjoy shooting photos of shit that I am way into. I did not get the name of the shooter pictured above, seeing him, with his 12 shot rolls, and waistlevel finder got me stoked. It’s bike racing, what’s the hurry? Enclosed are some photos of the Women’s and Men’s UCI races for the night.
2T1A2106The call ups included many national champions from Europe.2T1A2113
Ellen Noble (USA) in the Rapha kit would later pull on the under-23 women leader’s jersey.2T1A2123
No doping. No handups.2T1A2121
Powerbraid by the night’s Elite women winner, Sophie De Boer.2T1A2133
The intensity during staging is incredible.2T1A2144
Would anyone ride the long uphill sand?2T1A2196
The American women are contenders in this Euro-dominated discipline. Katie Compton is a big reason why and finished third.2T1A2343
Broadcast (or more likely streaming) live worldwide.2T1A2311
Laurens Sweeck has a rep for pushing the pace early but not quite to the end. In this race he finished on the podium.2T1A2554
Cross Vegas started as a nighttime alternative to gambling, strips clubs and bars during Interbike. After a string of successful events it was upgraded to World Cup status. Putting the US on the muddy cyclocross map, even though its in the middle of the desert.2T1A2749_1
The world champ made his move in the sand and left the pack in his cloud.2T1A2765
22 and still growing.2T1A2508
Jpow finished sixth at last year’s event, the highest USA World Cup finish ever.2T1A2770
This year he was the top placing American at 18th.2T1A2795
After stumbling on the stairs, breaking his toe, chasing back and winning solo. Cross is here!2T1A2775“McTubbin” Tobin Ortenblad is someone we’ve raced with in NorCal for years. So stoked to see him riding strong at the highest level.

Words: Mike Martin and Brandon Reif
Photos: Mike Martin