RESISTANCE RACING TRACKLOCROSS NATIONALS #2 – Oakland to Sacramento group ride

For the second race of the Northern California Tracklocross series we made our way to the state capital – Sacramento – for some clean dirty fun. Eight of us met up early (some later than others) Saturday morning and began our journey through the 75mi of vineyards and byways with the Sacramento river always at our side. Track Bikes, strawberrys, and Dave Yoha – What more could you ask for? The pace was quick, but not to quick for a few road sodas and jammer breaks. I mean you gotta take in all the scenery don’tcha know. When we finally landed in sactown, we were greeted by our friends over at Squid Bikes who took us for a lovely sunset cruise of their extensive riverside hobo trails and showed us the best corner store in all the land – Ed’s. After many laughs, buncha’ miles, and a few crashes – it was time to get some shut eye for the big day. Thank you Squid crew for your warm welcome and letting us camp at the compound! It was a beautiful night to sleep outside.ย  -Sean