Yesterday a medium size group of riders were waiting at the island for someone to yell GO!

Julien needs to get on the San Marco program for 2010

Brad’s custom cap

street racer

Walton taking notes


It’s really good to see julien back on the bike so fast. For life.

Marc coming back down market

Gabe leaving the green zone

First and second right there

Daniel pulled out this sugino spindle, and explained how his cranks got soft yesterday

Looks like they get their share

Chas had a good day. He walked, or rolled away with a custom Globe roll1 that garrett put a layered scratch off paint as finish.

Top tube as trophy

Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to Garrett for hosting SF F.U.N

Ghost ride the prize

Congrats to:
1st: Chas by a nose
2nd: Walton
3rd: Steve
4th: Josh
5th: Daniel

1st: Julien
2: Kell
3: Gabe