Yesterday was the last contest to be held at wallenberg high school in san francisco. First it’s worth noting this is one of the few spots that has always protected skateboarding, and fought to offer the ledges as a piece of SF skate history.

This one was mega compared to the same format contest 5 years ago. Guessing there was two thousand people on the grounds, in the trees, and on the roof. Without “reporting” on chris cole, or any of the heros that hucked themselves down that raw set yesterday, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge that skateboarding has it figured out. Self motivated athletes, rider owned companies, accessible to all ages, and a true sense of core. These values have kept the sport on track over the decades, through all the ups and downs. It was inspiring to be at a skateboard event 26 years after I first started skating, and still excited by what is possible with a board on wheels.

someone looking for a better angle

RIP Wallenberg