The Mall
Over the last 3 years we have been asked “what’s that song?” maybe 2500 times. I guess their electro scream held the test of time on vinyl, but not on the road. The Mall is the band, and Friends and Family is the song from our original intro for MASH 2007, and the previews that came before it. These guys have since left SF, and Moved to NY years ago, and have formed other projects. Hope you can follow up with them soon.

RAD Soundtrack
Thought I would throw this one up too because of it’s funny history. In the 80’s most any underground sport got its own version of romeo on juliet with whatever means of transportation was popular that summer. I grew up on bmx starting in 1981, and moved from outside chicago to a tiny town by 5th grade. It’s safe to say I was the first kid to ride bmx, and skate in this town of 1,000 people. As with anywhere you grow up, you make incredible memories, and many of mine were on my bike. Growing up rural is tuff if your into culture, and west coast sports. We looked to any beta tape that showed that my brother and I loved. First E.T. was a big deal. I think it was the first hollywood movie to showcase bmx on that level. Then films like Thrashin, Rad, and BMX Bandits all made it through hollywood, and in front of so many youth. In the end It was good to secure those sports in history, and show the suburbs what the cities were doing. Fifteen years later I went back to visit family in this same town, and would hit up the thrift stores. On one memorable day I found the soundtrack to Rad for 50 cents. It was so perplexing to see this record, in this town, in this tiny thrift store. First, the soundtrack was obscure, and honestly pretty soft. (sorry keo!) So to this day, I would love to thank whoever cleaned out their closet to give up this one. Oh and hope David Mackenzie reads this so he knows how to keep the tradition alive.