We want to take a moment to thank Tim Brooks, and his family for all they have sacrificed over the last month. We brought you a project any editor would ask for a year to edit, and you saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and made something so strong. We can’t wait to show this story to our friends in LA. Thanks to the original crew who made this adventure possible. Thanks to the riders who remind us to get on our bikes each morning, one leg at a time. Thanks to Damon, and Scott for giving us a soapbox and a working mic to share these ideas, and inspire riders around the world. Thanks to Brandon, for acting as the sharpest mirror. Thanks to our interns who crushed in a time of crunch. You guys have proven that their is strength in numbers. Thanks to Jonathan and Garrett for continuing to hold the torch so high, we all want to stand under it, and absorb it’s light. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to Michelle and Mika, for understanding life happens in waves, and to be flexable. You make taking steps forward easy. Thanks to Gabe for being consistant, and to let us take these risks with MASH. You inspire us on, and off the bike.

See you guys in LA!

We will also offer a complete bike, and 2 frame sets at the Project Space show this Saturday. Designed and finished by Garrett. Come get a piece of history. Touched by a classicist. Walton not included.