This past weekend was a CX double header. First with Dylan and Chas sweeping the podium in the SSCX A’s. The next day I drove the team down to Aptos to race the Surf-City Halloween Classic. This course is a favorite to many, with it’s unique natural features, tons of single track, some bigger climbs, and a few costumed racers to keep things festive. Enclosed are some moments captured with trying to help keep the guys hydrated on course.

The Elite Men A’s and the A’s SSCX raced together at the end of the day. The temperature was mid 70’s, and there was no proof of the previous weeks rainfall.

Rainier earned the start whole shot, in a group of Bay Area heroes.

Scotty Chapin easily doubled as Brian Wilson, keeping in theme with The Giants sweeping the World Series later in the day.

Easier said then done

This deep rut descent was a sight to be seen. Soft and loose earth kept it tough keeping a line.

Aptos High School is built on a hillside, creating different levels withing the course. Derek winding through what would normally be the back side of the football field.

Blake has spirit. Illustrated here as a cutty Tri racer. Needs clip-ons for next year’s upgrade.

Garrett and Blake raced in the Single speed A’s group.

Kyle held a strong race, finishing 5th in the geared A’s. Not bad for a guy in pig-tails.

There is a great deal of poison oak on course, so the cold outdoor showers were popular on this day.

Fast Dudes

Thanks to the organizers for continuing to make Surf-City a great series.