With all of the excitement surrounding the Tour, and the Summer games, we too want to surround ourselves with some take home memories from this summer’s events! First is a shirt that lists every man who has ever metaled in Olympic Cycling. This list is steep, and worth taking time to study. It also has reflective details, and our take on the classic Olympic Rings icon. The print is very soft, and after one wash, you can not feel the printed finish. This is our goal with all shirts.

This new set of decals acts as an analog take on what Strava can do for cyclists.  By marking MASH approved climbing sections, sprint sections, and course markers, riders can share their adventures on the road with these small placards. Designed by Garrett Chow!

Last is a new water bottle from Specialized. The Purist technology is an evolved bottle.  With this version we are using their Mo-Flo top for summer hydration. This art series is based right here at home, where our friends ride these hills. The bottle features the northern half of our city, which hosts some of the cities steepest city streets.