Soil Saloon 2_20_11

Yesterday Bay Area riders in the know met up in the park to ride another Soil Saloon. We had been looking at heavy rain for a week, so this first day of sun was not lost on these riders, and supporters. Enclosed are some details from the afternoon jam.

Blake’s Zydeco is living a full life in the first season.

Where is my bag?

They bring Alleycat ethics to the dirt start.

Blake riding it like a flat tracker.

Rainbow cloud

Flour arrows marked the route for the first lap.

Jenny in route

Daniel had just got back from a 4hr road ride, so he played Cinematographer. 

Lean pocket contents

In the sticks

First and Second chatted it up the entire time. Made it look effortless.

All riders ran in one heat. Team Chica Sexy held off tons of the guys, and kept the beers down. 

The beer component of the Saloon makes for a tuff race. 6 cups required, and a shot if you want to take the shortcut.

This Bee was trying to get pollen from gabe’s glove.

Zo and Sara got their tandem chain wrapped up on the commute to the park. Beer as degreaser.

Thanks again to the organizers for what they bring to SF DIRT!