The last couple of days we have had house guests from New Zealand, and it has been a nice break in the weather to run around and see some favorite SF spots. This van was spotted in the mission. Paging Twist..
Today we stopped by Box Dog to say hello, and we were greeted with a new BDB jersey for my son. Really thoughtful of them to make a child size jersey for their smallest fan. Next we checked in with Benny, and Josh at the New Goldquarters. Ben’s dog Levi took time to model the mentioned jersey.
Home team
Someone thought it was a good idea to fuck with these sandwiches. Turns out Benny knew what he was talking about. Thats a fried chicken torta for real.
Thanks to Frank and Ivy for running around today! Look for a big update from them Feb 1st about ALLTRACK 2010 Auckland NZ.