RHC #1 2014

2T1A4794A week has passed since the first Red Hook event of the season, so we have had a little time to dry out bikes and cameras, and soak up some sun back in California. It is safe to say that Red Hook was really fun—and fucked. With several years of great-to-decent weather at the events, you forget how weather can change everything. With spirits kept high by the athletes, reminding each other they were racing because it’s fun, riders headed out to race brakeless track bikes, elbow-to-elbow, at night, in the pouring rain. Enclosed are some moments captured on March 29th, 2014 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


2T1A4271Chas came to Red Hook straight from Colombia, where The Lucas Show rode the Darién Gap from Panama to Colombia, in the jungle, then raced an alley cat. His stomach was turning during qualifiers, but he still put in a top 10 qualifying time out of 200 racers.

2T1A4461We are so happy to see such a rad field of women out pushing what is next for track bikes. Super inspiring for everyone to take in this level of talent.

2T1A4468Like all Red Hook events, there’s some rubber side up. This sweeping left caught a good number of racers. The Ass Savers hay bales may have been the marketing win of this event.

2T1A4456Wet, painted lines, flooded potholes and storm drains, and a solid sheet of rain from start to finish made this Red Hook one for the books.

2T1A4358These two kids tried to form one adult to get into the after-party. Dan, you need a longer Shimano poncho to pull this off.

2T1A4557The weather was definitely a factor for the spectators. The groups that did form under cover gave it their all to hype the field each lap.


2T1A4669With a few expected delays, the main field was sent out on a shortened race. Cutting the event to 15 laps from 24 changed how these types of events can play out. No time to drop fatiguing racers and a short window to stack up attacks.

2T1A4565Three wide in the wet corners.

2T1A4685Once you’re wet, you’re not going to get any wetter. The guys loved racing in these conditions. As the team support, my number one task is to listen to the athletes. Before we got on a plane, I made it clear to the team, they had no obligation to race. It is, and will always be a choice. Just because you get on a flight does not add any additional pressure. Race if you are feeling it. On this night, on these brakeless bikes, the guys had their head in the game and wanted to mix it up.


2T1A4665Walton and Kyle worked up front, attacking and testing the field early.

2T1A4563Chas’s health got the best of him in the main race so he pulled off, always with a smile.


2T1A4707Walton was able to get a break to stick for a few laps, earning one of the primes. Red Hook offers up beautiful baskets of ingredients, knowing these athletes love quality food.



2T1A4640Kyle chasing down the second break, which ended up surviving. The field would nearly catch the two by the line, creating a fun finish.


2T1A4699The rain did not let up for the evening, securing its spot as one of New York’s most spirit-crushing winters on record. We are happy to have had the chance to play in it for the weekend and get back on a plane to the Bay, where it has been endless summer for a nice run.


We are looking forward to Barcelona and another opportunity to race with friends, doing what these guys love. Here is to 2014 and all it brings!