Pristine Amsterdam

Yesterday I checked in with Gijs at their shop Pristine. Was nice to see how they have organized young riders here in Amsterdam. The entry has a large piece up from when Giant had a show here when the shop opened.

Here is an example of one of the house brand frames they are making in Italy. Columbus tube sets, chrome lugs, classic look. This geo looks nice too.

Hometown pride


Presto seat stay

Was happy to see they have been doing well with our frame project with Cinelli

Here is a poster they produced based on a classic industrial design lay down. Simple, yet not.

That dream is my size!

The frame wall is globally represented.

Frank had just brought these in. At least he was almost at a stop when his foot, and arm hit the ground.

We decided to throw a race here on 8-21-2010. Come out and run these streets! More info soon.