Enclosed is a collection of photos from Matt Shapiro and I’s Bike tour. Traveling over 1200 miles on Track bikes we were able to cover two states, from north to south. Our goal was to consistently ride 100 miles a day. We both knew what was ahead of us and made sure as to have no expectations. During the trip we met incredible people, ate endless amounts of food, and wound our way through unbelievable landscapes. It was an experience of a lifetime.

: Onward to Tillamook

: Oregon Dunes.

: Leggett was no big deal. 

: More like a food tour. 

: Mornings were wet and cold. 

: Days were hot and dry.

: Game Tight


: Stalking Dinner.

: Matt’s knee started to hurt.

: Big Sur was fun!

1269 Miles : 13 Days : 13 Centuries : 58 Clif Bars : 4 Flats : 3 Spokes : 7 Camp Fires : 1 Adventure

Dylan Buffington : Matt Shapiro