Enclosed are more images from yesterday’s race here at the shop. 

John is back in Austin, but posted a race essay at P.I.N.P. Check in for the full set.

Al made us maps, and spoke cards for the event.  MASH continues to happen because of a group of friends who want it to be great. We thank you all.

Racers ready?

We took over the street in front of the shop. Was nice to stretch out, and use the stoops as bleachers for the event.

SF Skate Spots Qualifier

Kyle won this race last year, so he had to work extra hard to shake out of towers off his wheel.

Chas worked behind the scenes routing this race, and many of our racers worked checkpoints. Thank you all for helping make this another one for the books!

Rad photo of Steve coming back down 14th Street.

Zach about to BBQ.


Qualifier Race Fixed:

1  Walton

2  Steve

3 Dylan

4  Kyle

5  Crihs

Road Qualifier:

1  Zach

2 Sam

3  Dean

4  Alejandro

5  Fabian

Fixed Final:

1  Walton

2  Hernan

3  Kyle

4  Steve

5  Dylan

Road Final:

1 Chris

2 Fabien

3  Dave

4  Marcel

5 Matt

First Female: