Not teh highest

Not the highest….

…but worth a try. Here is my submission for highest elevation in surrounding area. Saw some guys the other day that went up to Tahoe on the blog. I set out in search of the highest pass in my area and this is what I could find. At a smoking 4,383 ft, I reached the top of White Bird pass just outside of Grangeville Idaho and the little town of White Bird. This picture is looking South towards Riggins and the other way, which I don’t have because the camera died, are miles and miles of farm land. Oh and going down this pass was pretty gnarly in sections….Not to many fixie riders up here in Northern Idaho…Have to watch out for lots of big trucks and tractors. Mashin in the streets of SF would be sweet, but dodging 16 wheelers is some scary shit too!

Loved the movie!

Graham Sours