New store updates

Lazy Monk produced a tiny run of these pouches. Fits a canon G10 plus tools, phone, etc. Includes a rock climbing style belt. Very tight craft.

The 2 gig waterproof mp3 player with loudspeaker. No headphones required. Once you experience this, you may never ride with headphones again.

We also added the pre-order for the bag we produced with SAG. This will be the only place to get this bag in the us, and we worked hard to make it affordable. Shipping late april. It is designed by riders for riders from the ground up. Removable back and shoulder pads so you can wash them, padded laptop sleeve, false bottom cooler for whatever goes in a cooler, or stunk shoes. All strapping has elastic tuck points so straps are not flapping in the wind. Also sits on your back so there is no blind spot. Black on black reflective details.

Stay tuned for new releases on shirts by Jonathan Burkett, Garrett Chow, Benny Gold, and Lazy Monk as well as other little stuff. The store helps us generate $$ to support races, and continue to make video projects, so know we are grateful for your support!