We want to take a moment to help define what MASH is, and continues to be. Gabe and I are advocates for cyclists and communities we admire. We are also an original content provider that showcases cycling related adventures, and communities worldwide. We do not pretend to be a team, and can’t offer what many pro teams outside of fixed street riding can offer. In the process, we are proud to have been able to help riders travel the world, ride with inspiring pro cyclists, set and challenge personal goals, Throw races, keep a highly functional bike under them, and ultimately have fun.

Over the past two years we have been lucky to create a working relationship with Cinelli. Our goal has always been to learn, and produce with a small classic cycling brand. This process took three years to establish, and has been a truly inspiring one.

Here is a list of riders who received at least one frame from MASH / Cinelli, and in many cases two frames each, over the past few years:

Walton Brush
Jonathan Burkett
Chris Collins
Garrett Chow
Richie Ditta
Massan Fluker
Eugene Hood
Hernan Montenegro
James Newman
Josh Otstott
Andy Peterson
Travis Poh
Rainier Schaefer
Rob Solimo
Chas Sthouck
Julien Stranger
Fergus Tanaka
Blake Vonknopka

We are also able to get frames, and product to a group of friends who help keep MASH moving forward. We could not make these cycling opportunities possible without you.

32 Cinelli frame sets so far, Vittoria Tires, San Marco saddles, Clif Bar support, Capoforma kits, Incase support, Box Dog Bike shop support, Crank Brothers tools, SAG bags, and Dodici rims have all filtered through our riders, and have also been included as race prizes for over 200 races we have hosted, and helped sponsor over the years. We can not thank you enough.

Many riders have chose new paths, and different opportunities along the way, and we are proud to see them making good things happen, and grow in different directions.

The last 6 years have been an incredible journey. We look forward to all the years to come, and new riders we meet along the way.

See you on the streets, roads, highways, trails, paths, and tracks that cover this earth.

Mike Martin