Last nights race was a blast. We kept it small by under promoting and late information releases. Core riders showing up to do what they love. Enclosed are some video stills from the nights adventure.

Come race Chris’ KOV race tonight. In front of the Sand’s convention center, at 5:30pm

Bud took the drag race section. He came in hot behind a van going 40, tucked his head and drafted it to the win. Street smarts applied.

Walton was a living 1 arm bandit racing with a freshly broken wrist.

pulling up to the pack

Walton and Crihs buzzing tires

Hernan!! I have not seen many photos of the kit shot from this side. it’s all black on the other side. Matches the lights!

This race was 18+, just ask this 16 year old! 

After the 25 mile hustle riders were a bit crushed. 30 miles an hour was the pace for the entire route and it did not let up.

Edger cooling down in the 85 degree evening

Was nice to see Steve Murder was still humble after his time spent on the runway this trip

Top 10 riders were awarded at the end of the night. Thanks to all our sponsors for helping keep these gatherings a blast! LA next year!

Here are the results for the main race. Thanks to all the riders who keep this moving. This is the second time in 4 years that Anthony has come home with 1000$ in 1’s from Incase! Riders have been spending more time training on road and cross,and it shows. Glad to see so many familiar faces still addicted to a great open corse street race. You can’t deny it, this shit is FUN!