Kyoto – Tokyo CMWC Summer 2009

Sunrise over the pacific ocean.. a first for me.

Here is a collection of picture from a trip to Japan in the summer of 2009.  I flew out for the CMWC’s in Tokyo.  First I raced in Kyotoloco and then rode to Tokyo along the east coast of Japan. First trip with new (back then they were new) MASH frame, not a bad way to break one in.

Kyotoloco race start and finish, it rained the whole day! and the cops shut down the race halfway through.  Still so much fun racing in a new city, soaking wet and screaming the whole time.

International messenger crew, in front of our hostel, Kyoto

The morning we left Kyoto, RIP Mouse!!! you are missed and loved.

Smok’in Joe (AUS) and Marco, who is smoking (NYC) somewhere outside of Kyoto

Typical camp spot, best guess is there is 11 people sleeping in this photo somewhere , it had rained the night before.

When you ride with Lucas you always end up in the strangest places.

This is my mecca, miles and miles of tsunami walls, the endless concrete wave.

going for it

He’s from Canada, repp’in

Our rest day was spent at the Japanese Keirin School, we were allowed to watch the riders train, and tour the FOUR!! velodromes that that comprise the school.

Just hangin out, UCI competition track

Keirin exhibition track, this thing is HUGE!!!

There are vending machine EVERYWHERE in Japan!! Doug (LA) and Yeti (NYC), fuel up on the side of the highway.

Out of the 90 or so riders that left Kyoto this the 24 that rode all the way to Tokyo, last morning in Yokohama.