From time to time we get a piece of mail that reaffirms why we do what we do. This one comes from the UK.

Since we got back from SF, quite a few friends have asked “how come you support and chose to ride with people from a bike shop in SF” and I suppose thinking about it, it might seem strange from the outside?? So, I’ll give you the same answer:
A few years ago I was hospitalized with a heart problem (don’t worry I’m fine and now see it as a temporary hiccup!) I’d ridden bikes all my life and was suddenly told not to, I worked with and knew people who were massively overweight and unfit and went through the whole “why me”, “what have I done wrong” thing. Even after being given the all clear to get back on the bike, I became totally disillusioned with riding, then one day while still off work I was mindlessly surfing around Youtube when I came across a clip you’d posted. I remember sitting mesmerized and watched it over and over again, I’d never seen anything like it, brakeless track bikes, on the road, it blew me away!! It prompted me to go out and find a cheap early 80’s bike in the local paper, convert it to fixed gear and ride again. The rest as they say is history!! So, thanks for the inspiration, keep doing what you do and I will continue to follow and support from here in the UK and send occasional photos from our travels!