FIXED: A book by Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard
We received a copy of Fixed last night, and wanted to congratulate the authors, and those involved for making a nice base for what we all love. Bikes, and fixed wheel machines in this example. The book is put together well as an examle of a series of events over 100+ years that brought us all to atop these kinds of bikes.

Enclosed are some of our photo details. We are happy to have been part of the first track to street collection like this.

Andy Ellis gave us our old guy head nod. Thanks!
A detail explaining how this art came to be, with garrett’s help on the art. The latin in this is really good. rubber tree?
And a nice piece about how our cinelli relationship was formed, and the bike was developed. Please add this book to your collection. It has been nice to hear the voices of so many we admire.