Eye in the Sky

We were giving away dollars as prizes for some of the trick events. Was fun to see them turned into spoke cards.

I thought these guys only existed on the internet?

New lazer product for 2010

Thanks to tim white for helping rainier with a fresh bb install.

Knife at gunfight

They used these chips to record start and stop times on the main race.

Jenna Makgill won the women’s courier championship in canada last time out, so new zealand is lucky to be the home of the champ!

sorry max!

Trick comp aftermath

There really was an eye in the sky for this race.

This kid is focused. Ken won the overall points for this weekend event by winning the sprints, and placing in the trick comp. Rainier better step up his “Goats” for the 2010 series.

This is Ivan. He makes good things happen for this community. BIG UP!

You gonna race on that?

One of the young guns

Thanks to justin and jeff for the bromance.


hair helmet

5 checkpoints

You can turn any mtb disk hub into a bolt on fixed hub with a little help from adam. This is an xt one.



beans in an impromptu mini keirin after the main race

rainier won the main race with the help of his little secret weapon.

Tons more soon…..