In this modern world, so much is possible.

Science and medicine have created the longest life expectancies ever. Technology has brought a huge swing in how fast information is available to the world, shared ideas, and levels the playing field for all to be involved.

The human planet is slowly becoming more aware, and making tiny changes to produce less junk. Your dollar is your vote. Quality design is not just for designers anymore. We have all the resources to have a real balance. At the same time, we still let the 2 party system run by 1 party (corporations) walk on us, not speak up, and continue to offer us heart disease, with a side of toxic depression.

I hope we collectively can take control in our lifetime, and offer an amazing life on earth for our children. We should all chip away at how to make our dreams reality. One day at a time, with our eye on the big picture, not this disposable culture that is the spotlight.

I’m not writer, so please take the emotion and not the formula from how I feel.

Luv from SF, and see you on the streets!