Enclosed are a few photos from this years Drag Race during Interbike. We all met out by the airport in an empty parking lot. Being the first one to arrive must have been a questionable feeling. Is this really it?! As racers began to converge, it became clear shit was about to go down. This is the fourth year we have hosted this event in Las Vegas, and each with a different format, route finish, and jackpot. After recording the last two years, we took it easy this year. Make something fun happen, then cut out.

The start called for all racers to line their bikes up at the street. They needed to be brakeless track bikes to make the podium, but everyone was welcome to run the format.

After all the racers had one hand on an abandon red SUV in the lot, we were ready. A spooked false start, cop sirens on the street, a bloody scream, and racers took off. From the airport, to old town, and back to the airport. The goal was to stay on Las Vegas Blvd, and make good time. After 17 miles in 39 minutes, racers were stacking back in tot he finish.

Once all the racers cleared the checkpoint, Blake, Blick, and Garrett left the Pawn shop, and headed to the finish with the race prizes.

TOP 3 were determined after reviewing a spectators tape.

Austin, and Crihs are now in an exclusive Oakley Club!

Big thanks to Cinelli, Oakley, San Marco, and MARTIN for the awards! Seven, going on eight years of hosting races, and we have NEVER charged an entry fee for a race. Keep them FREE!

35 street racers entered. 30 finished, and the results were called.

1: Crihs

2: Brad

3: Hernan

Thanks again to all the street racers, and their supporters for coming out, and making something fun happen. This has been our goal since day one, and we are happy to see more and more athletes show up each year. Now if we can just move Interbike to Big Sur, or Boulder for 2012, we can all have something to celebrate.

Photos: Mike + Beaver