Saturday marked the final DFL race of the season, with an East Bay AM location. Derek won this first one, and Walton picked up the next two, so the large group was up early to see how the season would wrap up. Enclosed are several moments from the hour that closed out the series.

Walton raced as the series leader. There was only one rule about the leaders jersey. Do not wash it. 

Racers Ready?


Brandon and Blake in stock uniforms.


Disney Lawsuit

Blake riding it

Ramone Running it.

Low Visibility

You see where this is going

Illustrating the reason for 80’s skate shoes on clipless pedals. Quick escape route.

DFL Beach Attire


Walton was the only lady riding the deep sand/boulder section.

Routing through the observation tower.
Kathleen went on to with the Women’s series as she recovered from a broken collar bone. Welcome back!
DFL Dry Cleaning
Kyle and Walton locked it down, taking turns leading the group.
Walton dominated the technical, and Kyle set the pace on the long straights. 
Dylan running up on the last lap. It takes moments like these to realize just how wrong/right this series is.
Walton took the win, and the series. Kyle took second for the day.
Ramone did not want to get out of character when it was all done. 
Souvenirs from Giro and Interbike
Kyle broke in his new Cinelli Zydeco with a burner.
The sun came out for the 18th annual DFL awards ceremony.
Conversion 2.0
Media 2.0
Your hard earned entry fees went right back to you in the form of Patxi’s.
Kathleen and Walton were awarded these jet packs. Another year, another unique trophy for the winners.
Until next year, thanks to all the organizers and athletes for keeping DFL, and it’s long standing traditions, fun.