DFL #3 2012

Gabe headed out to McLaren Park for the third installment of the 2012 DFL Series. As the fog settled in for the evening, racers lined up. As we have mentioned before, you can race for free in drag, or pay $5 and get heckled in your kit. Enclosed are a series Gabe shot throughout the evening.

Rainier and Walton off the start, and laughing. 

Rocks are abundant on this course. Serious run-up for some of the not so serious.

Atmospheric Prospectives provided by the San Francisco Fog Bank.

Daniel is taking the season off the bike, but was on hand to hell at his teammates. Rainier enjoying some stoke from the sidelines.

Blake getting chased by something incredibly funny.

Walton won last week, so raced in the coveted yellow blouse.

One of those magical moments that come from racing at DFL.

Rainier must have found a deal in the Burning Man bin at the thrift store.

Walton coming back down last lap, ginger fully flowing.

At the end of the night, Walton was able to hold on the the yellow, with his second win in the 4 part series. Rainier placed 2nd for the night. Not sure this is what Oakley had in mind when they signed up to support these athletes, but knowing they are into the good stuff, we can only guess they get it!