Erik Zo just released a new Zine titled Cyclist or Bike Rider

I have been enamored with the writing of Reginald C. Shaw in his book “cycling” since the day I first read from it.. The idea that a bike rider can learn to be a cyclist ,and what the difference is , is my favorite concept from the book.
I decided to go through the hoard of prints I have been accumalating, from my hours in the darkroom, and pull out all the ones I have with bicycles as the subject.
I ended up with a group of about 50 photos taken with a variety of cameras in various formats.
When putting them together and condsidering how to bind it I could not reconcile the fact that I would have binding issues with the photos orienantated in one direction or the other…so I decided to make it a two part issue! Part A is Portrait format Part B is landscape format.

I have now (26 sept 2015) Finished the 2nd printing of “Cyclist or Bike rider”
I fixed an error in the first printing,cleaned up the covers,adding a pattern on the inside,and added an index of the images with each half of the zine having the index for the other half,so you can leave it open to the index page while you browse.
I made these at the print house closeset to my house. I did not scan these so I was not able to get a collated package over the counter, my originals are mostly 8X10 prints so they cannot be machine fed..This is an inconnvenince but I decided to make the most of it and change to machine settings to suit each print.
When at Kinkos the machines in are area are Canon Imagemakers which are getting long in the teeth. I will say the menu choices on the canons seem more sutble than on the machine I used for these which was a XEROX 5545.
On this machine you are given 4 choices for your type of original and you can control light/dark, sharpness and contrast. Its much like color printing in the darkroom. You change the color balance and the exposure is off. Changeing the type of the original from PHOTO to PHOTO/TEXT or /HALF TONE photo would require resetting darkness..etc I have a few photos in the zine/paper blog/art book that I reduced down from 11X14 during the first printing, those were the ones that were hardest to get something I liked out of,and for the 3rd printing (if I ever make more) I will bring those in and copy off them ,as if hand placing it is only a modest difference in time.
I took over the counter of the copy shop collating and printing for about 3 hours. I might be able to do it a little quicker but still comes out to at least 10 minutes per issue of time to print.
Everyone in the paper trade who has seen the zine has asked about the cover paper. It is a metallic siVer paper named Currencey, it runs about 75 dollars for a ream of 150 sheets. These are all silver prints so I figured why not spend a couple of dollars on a flashy cover.!

Cost 30 dollars shipped 25 in person. international inquire for your location..

BUY HERE other zines there as well..