Yesterday we all met in Golden Gate Park for the Cutty Cross Cat.  a Dirt Alleycat, run in, and around Golden Gate Park.

36 racers were signed in, given race numbers, maps, and manifests. The format was six checkpoints in a mandatory order. Racers were asked to keep it in the dirt, and fill up their manifests in order.

We like it weird, so sharing a space with knife fighters, and horse shoe experts seemed like a good idea.

We brought our own.

The racers left with a mass start.

Once out of the horseshoe pits, it quickly tuned into single track causing a bit of chaos initially.

As the racers traveled the park, friends hung back, and waited. There may have been a few beers.

42 minutes later, Rainier was the first racer to return with a completed manifest!

Derek came in Second, shortly after.

Blake took Third

Kyle in Forth

And Chas rounded out the top 5.

1: Rainier

2: Derek

3: Blake

4: Kyle

5: Chas

6: James J

7: Urie

8: Dylan

9: Garrett

10: Kell

Re-scanned start

Rainier won enough food to feed everyone, and that is what he did.

Brad brought enough Okra for everyone.

1st and 2nd Families!

Results were reviewed, and additional prizes were awarded to the top 10.

This included some popular DVD’s (non-cycling)

Mechanical’s were repaired, and riders off to rest up for the SF Giro the following day.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and kicking off the race season with a smile. Thanks to all the volunteers, who help make it happen. From art, to routes, to checkpoint support, to grill masters. You made it fun.

We hope to host 2 more this season, and be able to add to the already existing community that makes SF CX so special.

See you out!