This is the first of a series of posts about crank brothers. They are a cycling brand I have always admired, and recently found out they are big fans of our projects, so needless to say, an intro was in order. In short crank brothers have been very thoughtful in what they produce as a brand. The underlying theme is quality within innovation. We were psyched when a pack of tools arrived, and will post more on their refined travel tools soon. For now I wanted to bring this seat post to the attention of the street freestylers out there. Want to improve your hop big time? offer new angles on the bike on the fly? Check out their JOPLIN seat post. I just put it on today, so will report back with an update once I have had the chance to run around on it. First impression it it is surprisingly light for all of it’s function, and the mounting hardware is smarter then any post on the market to date. What would you expect from these legends?!