Chas and some of the TCB guys just got back from the NACCC, so this morning we caught up, and took notes on a new project we are working on with Atomic22. More on that in a moment. Chas had an incredible trip, and a few race wins to come home with. First was the Beast of the East, then after riding 300 miles to Richmond, he won the NACCC. We are increadibly happy for him. Next is Jakarta, Puerto Rico, Chicago, and Milano. Am I forgetting somewhere?!

This is his 55cm Histogram prototype. This bike has been around the world many times, and it shows. Like the old steam trunks, this bike shows travel, and it shows the story. He is about to build a new prototype, so I wanted to take a few moments with this build, and record how far it has traveled.ย 

We have been working closely with Atomic22, and developing a security bolt kit that is tailored to Cinelli MASH builds. This is a prototype for a Phil Wood rear axle. The machining quality of all of these pieces are next level. Chas has been using this set, traveling with it, and has provided important feedback.

This is a sample seat collar. Our kit will use the existing Cinelli seat collar, and offer the replacement anti-theft bolt. The goal with the kit, is to offer a lean solution for anti-theft hardware. Atomic22 has the best solution hands down. We can’t wait to hear about the success these kits bring to riders in cities with high bike theft.

Top Cap detail. Look for more info as we get closer to rolling out these anti-theft packages with Atomic22. Hoping to see first delivery this fall. Stay tuned!