Chas Interview on TOLA

Marc Marino sent us some images Joseph Lobato shot of Chas in the Panhandle. Check in with TOLA for theier QNA with him.

Really looking forward to seeing what adventures these kits get to go on this year. 2011. 

what do you ride? (can be your stable or just one bike)

I ride cinelli, got an original mash cinelli prototype from 2 years ago and a new cinelli zydeco cross frame

How long have you been riding/ what started you?

i’ve been riding for 5 years professionally and before that i road a bike to get around , havent owned a car in 10 years.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?

i dont wear a helmet for work, although i should, i do wear one when ever i race or plan on going dumb

Favorite Shop? Why?

My favorite shop in SF is BoxDogBikes because they have been down since the begining, and in PDX Oregon its Bike central, the illest track bike shop ever

Clip or clipless?

I have an addiction to time atac pedals, i own like 6 sets„ i ride clips and straps on the sunday cruiser

Ride with headphones/ music?

Once again i do and i know i shouldnt , but really nothing beats jamming thru traffic with your favorite song on

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?

Down with MASH SF, and rep. Team Murder, our local messenger krew

Fav. Race?

My favorite race is todd dangers coffee cat in portland during the westside invite!! i took me four years to beat Sharky!!

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in SF?

My favorite spot to ride in SF is bernal heights, shit is like a big concrete roller coaster

Fav. person(s) to ride with?

my favorite people to ride with are the MASH Homies Blake, walton rainier, mark, steve, gabe, and garret

Dope Chill spot?

i’ll never tell about the dopest chill spot, but i hang out on the benches in front of Rheas Deli…. cold chillin

Why SF?

I live in SF because right now its 60 and sunny in January, nuf said

What do you do for work?

I run TCB Courier, i dont know if you could call it work, but its what i do with my time

Best/ worst about riding in SF?

The best thing about SF is the hills, and the worst thing about sf is the hills