Barry McGee At BAMFA

Last night we were lucky enough to get some invites to the opening reception for Barry McGee’s new show at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Needless to say it was pretty incredible, not to mention a bit overwhelming. Three floors of Barry’s work going back to the early 90s. Remember the 90’s? Probably not.

No Twist show would be complete without an Amaze throwie or two. 

The space was great as was the party. A crazy mix of people from snooty Berkeleyite museum donors in funny clothing to snooty writer kids in funny clothing. We were hoping for a dance fight, but nothing ever came of it. Instead, we were treated to a pretty awesome performance by the actual Ray Fong. It was pretty amazing, so amazing we didn’t take any pics. Sorry.

But we did get lots of pics of the art. Some great stuff from all of Barry’s Major Shows. Street Market, The Buddy System, Hoss, Beautiful Losers, and all that fun stuff jammed into one huge space. I mentioned amazing, right?


and more gear.

lots of DFWs, THRs, PVCs, PMFs, and MIH or two, US here and there, even a little DTV (but you have to look for that one).

Anyone up for a Jeffery Deitch Caption Contest?

Three Hundred Reasons.

If you get a chance, it’s totally worth and hour or two getting lost in all the stuff. Definitely going back for a second look.


Guest Post and Photos by Sean Flores
sean at heysean dot com