B.A.S.P.S #1 2012

Single Speeders lined up early with fields in the A’s and B’s.


Blake backed by San Bruno Mountain

Cone Megaphone

Dylan and Garrett cheering for Blake in his first race of the day in the Masters. He raced again in the SSCX A’s with the hecklers pictured.

Single Speed A’s Start

Dylan placed 7th in the SS A’s. 

Garrett ended his race early with a trip to the hospital to get rocks scrubbed out of several wounds. Some days are harder than others.

Blaked picked up a Bronze in the Masters.

Barrier-180 Corner – Barrier

Riser Bars on the Single Speed is a fun combo.

Now that the dry sandy earth had been massaged by a day full of racing, it was time to send the Elite Men A’s onto the course. 

Results were posted throughout the day. The Bay Area Super Prestige Series is really well organized, and we feel lucky to have these events in our back yard.

Tom lined up the Elite Men A’s and established any remaining rules for the group before they headed out.

The field was steeped with Bay Area legends. 

Kyle gets support from the crowd lining the loose run-up.

Walton making work of the switch back barriers

Derek rode 3 different bikes before the hour race was over. Check in with his race report HERE.

Steve rounding the sandy barrier section.

Rainier running the same section, back to the asphalt.

Walton riding the run-up.

Rainier in the Peanut Gallery

Derek on bike #3, hammering to stay in the leaders lap.

Kyle, Rainier, and Steve in the pit early on.

Derek on another bike. Haunted by multiple mechanicals within the hour.

Kyle in the TRP Brake Zone.

Walton about to climb out of the last lap. 

Another week, and more races ahead for the team. Looking forward to some rain that is in the distant forecast. BRING IT!